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What is a Graphic Novel? Mention the terms “graphic novel” or “comic book” and most adults visualize either a handful of colorfully clad superheroes (i.e., Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman) or those classic black-and-white characters in the daily newspaper.Comic books, and their lengthier counterpart the graphic novel, however, have a much broader range of subject.
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‘While autobiographical graphic novels have become a very popular literary genre during the 21st century, their history is generally assumed to begin with underground comix – small press or self-published comic books – in the 1970s. This discovery, from nearly half a century earlier, calls that history into question.

Graphic novels are not books with pictures thrown in for good measure. They're not movie scripts, although with the recent spate of graphic-novel-based Hollywood flicks, you might think otherwise. They also are not simply a collection of many comic books bound together (those are called trade books or trade publications ), although it's now.
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  • Genres of books simply specify what categories or sub-categories does a book belong to. Here is the list of different genres of books with brief discriptions and examples. Anthology. Classic. Comic and Graphic Novel. Crime and Detective. Drama.
  • The stories in comic books and graphic novels are presented to the reader through engaging, sequential narrative art (illustrations and typography) that's either presented in a specific design or the traditional panel layout you find in comics. With both, you'll often find the dialogue presented in the...
  • Baker's graphic novel can definitely be described as a graphic narrative because it truly utilizes many different styles to address how and why certain historical events are presented the way they are. The very form of his book makes an argument about accessibility, voice, point of view...
  • In her upcoming (and refreshingly realistic) graphic novel A Career in Books: A Novel about Friends, Money, and the Occasional Duck Bun, three Asian American women—Shirin, Nina, and Silvia—try ...
  • After is being turned into a graphic novel, and Teen Vogue has your exclusive first look at the adaptation, led by author Anna Todd. Todd worked closely with artist Pablo Andrés to create illustrated depictions of Tessa and Hardin; the new After book series will be published by Todd's...